10 Fall Outfits to Wear With Flat Shoes

I’m a shoe person through and through, so you can bet that I’ve been studying all of the trendy fall ones for months now. One big observation I’ve had is that many of this season’s It shoes are flats. And I must say that I love to see it. It’s quite the change from all of the sky-high platforms that dominated the spring and summer months of 2022, but the fashion month street style I’ve seen so far proves that flats are indeed taking precedence for fall. But how to style them, you ask? Good question. 

As one does when they’re a shoe-obsessed fashion editor, I spent more time than I care to admit staring at the feet of the show-goers to see which were wearing trendy flat shoes (the Miu Miu satin ballet flats were the winner, FYI), and what outfits they were wearing with them. Scroll on for the best fall flat-shoe outfits I could find and shop the trendies flat shoes of the season.

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