16 Relaxed-Denim Outfits to Replicate This Fall

In the vein of being transparent, I’m going to put my feelings all out there: I’m not a fan of skinny jeans. I know that statement will probably get me some flack, but I need you to hear me out on this. For anyone who identifies as curvier, finding a pair of jeans—much less a pair of skinny jeans that you don’t loathe—can be demoralizing. There’s nothing worse than trying on a pair of jeans that don’t fit over your thighs and calves or are too tight on your waist. And while I know there are some great size-inclusive denim brands and that this style will always be a staple, I’m still personally opposed to it. 

So you can understand why I’ve set my sights on newer trends, specifically relaxed denim. While this fabric is always relevant, we saw the fall/winter 2022 collections of Diesel, Versace, and Givenchy champion more relaxed iterations of denim. From baggy ’90s-inspired straight-leg jeans to low-slung maxi denim skirts to dramatic flare versions that lean into puddle-pant territory, there was no shortage of overly chill silhouettes on the runway this season. But it’s not just the runway that’s championed this style. The fashion set has too. 

Relaxed denim has slowly replaced skinny jeans as the must-have staple for fall. And to prove that point, I’ve rounded up 16 outfit ideas to show how this denim style has taken over, ways to wear it, and where to shop it now. Consider this your case study on why it’s time to put the skinnies in storage for now. 

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