25 Sweater Dress Outfits to Replicate, ASAP

Do you feel that crisp breeze? Well, that marks the start of the official start of fall. For some, the onset of colder temperatures marks the beginning of holiday planning or travel. But for the fashion set, it marks the beginning of something else entirely: sweater dress season. And while you may be wondering why this clothing staple could be considered as exciting as taking a trip to see the foliage or the holiday season, I’m here to tell you that this piece is underrated. 

If we’re being honest, you can’t even fantasize about playing in the foilage or being snuggled up by the fire in a cabin opening gifts with your loved ones without invoking the image of wearing a sweater dress—it’s that prevalent. Of course, where and how you can wear this style extends beyond the cliché imagery this fall staple has been commonly associated with. So, in that vein, I’ve rounded up 25 sweater dress outfit ideas to show that this staple is something you should be excited about wearing (and shopping) year-round. 

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