32 Stylish New Items That Are on an Editor’s Wishlist

Between press releases, newsletters, sale alerts, internal emails, wish list reminders, and more, my inbox is one of those that seems to auto-fill every time I think I’ve made a dent in it.  And, as someone who feels the need to have their number of unread emails below 15 or 20 at any given time, you can bet I actually go through them—all of them.

So, what stands out amongst all the noise? Quite a bit, actually. Sure, I get my fair share of spam but I’m also lucky enough to get a lot of goodness in my inbox along with it. Below, you’ll find everything from new-in pieces that really made their mark on me to celeb-approved finds I’ve been influenced in the direction of, and tons more in between. Simply keep scrolling to see, and, of course, shop everything that caught my attention as of late

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