35 Incredibly Cool Jewelry Items to Add to Your Collection

A few years ago, catching me without gobs and gobs of jewelry on would never happen, period. Earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces covered my body, usually causing a tangled mess of chains, clasps, and pendants that I’d then have to meticulously unravel for hours on end. Eventually, it got to be too much, and I started to edit down my jewelry collection—both in my jewelry box and on my body—until I began only wearing a small handful of pieces on a daily basis with a few rogue statement items being added when necessary for a certain look. 

Having gone from the least picky jewelry shopper to the pickiest one, I’ve learned something about what’s really worth buying and what’s better left in the display case. And I don’t mean just because of a piece’s price tag. From timeless items you’ll own forever to trendy baubles that will serve your outfits (and your Instagram feed) well, the mightily cool jewelry pieces ahead all passed my particularly grueling test. I get the feeling they will pass yours too. 

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