5 libido boosting natural remedies for women

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  • Lisa Oxenham talks to a Traditional Chinese Medicine expert and discovers the top libido boosting natural remedies

    Defining libido generally is tricky. We are all individuals and have different thoughts around what’s ‘normal’. Some of us might be highly sexual and others might be rarely interested. On top of that, sexual interest and function can change or become misaligned to your partner’s. Whatever you’re feeling, you might need some tips for boosting your libido.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Co-Founder of Escapada, Emilia Herting says, “To a certain extent, it’s normal for sexual desire to wax and wane and low sex drive is often the result of major life changes.” Yes, the menopause is one thing that affects your sex drive.

    Here, Herting looks at a natural approach to libido boosting alternatives that have long lasting results:


    Women often hold tension and repressed emotions in their pelvic area which can lead to less sexual desire. Repressed emotions don’t disappear but they reveal themselves in unhealthy ways. In Chinese medicine, the liver plays a primary role in regulating the flow of blood and fluids through the body’s circulatory system. The organ’s energy pathways regulate the menstrual cycle – without period trackers – and circulate blood and hormones to and from the the uterus, ovaries, and sex organs.

    Qigong, a form of mindful movement, specifically targets the liver and circulation and gets energy moving. It can help to restore your libido because it involves shaking and vibrating the sexual organs.

    Here’s how to do Qigong:

    Liver boosting nutrition

    When we are treating a low libido with Chinese medicine a good place to start is food. Red dates, black sesame seeds and seaweed work well to promote good liver health and energy. Grains like barley and millet are great too, along with walnuts, black beans, kidney beans, and veggies.

    Maca, an adaptogen, nourishes the endocrine glands that produce and release sex hormones. It also improves vaginal sensitivity and stimulates the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, which support and balance hormones. You can add a teaspoonful of the powder to a smoothie or hot drink.

    You could also try natural aphrodisiacs. Figs, bananas and avocados are libido boosting. They also deliver vitamins and minerals to your body that can increase blood flow to the genitals.

    Stress management 

    On top of disturbing your sleep, research shows that women are particularly susceptible to the effects that stress can have on their sex life.  Try to manage stress in your life with rituals that resonate with you, such as mindful movement (yoga, Qigong, breathwork training), meditation or me time which will make it easier to connect with others. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love anybody else?


    5 libido boosting natural remedies for women

    Image courtesy of Escapada

    Acupuncture is a popular treatment for improving libido without side effects. Acupuncturists know that a lower libido can be an indication of deeper, underlying issues. Acupuncture works to restore optimal health and wellbeing rather than suppressing particular symptoms. It essentially restores balance by promoting blood flow along the pathways that surround the organs which affect sex drive.


    Acupressure can be a really lovely way connect with your partner through touch. Touching is a powerful thing, especially in areas that relate to a holistic view of your partner. Research shows that the act of physically touching your partner helps create intimacy and relieve stress.

    Chinese medicine maintains that cold feet are a sign of poor circulation, and poor circulation makes it harder to orgasm. a foot massage will remedy any signs of both of these things. This also means it might be libido boosting to wear your socks during sex.

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