Celebrity workouts: 18 best PT-approved sessions to try now

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  • Some celeb workouts can be, ahem, questionable – read for the ones designed by A-List personal trainers who know what they’re doing. Watch and learn.

    Celebrity workouts are actually a much more obvious go-to when it comes to a good sweat sesh than you might think.

    How so? Well, because the rich and famous have the resources – and by resources, we largely mean money – to spend on some of the best personal trainers, coaches, and gym classes in the business.

    It’s no coincidence that so many famous people boast such strong bods – they’ve got trainers on hand to personally guide them through their sessions and push them when they don’t feel like it. And if that’s not exercise motivation, we don’t know what is.

    While we – sadly – can’t help on that front, we can bring you some of the best celebrity workouts to try yourself. Investing in a PT will only ever be a positive thing, but if you can’t afford it or still have a little gym anxiety around starting, our advice is: try one of these. You can’t go far wrong.

    PSA here: you don’t need to copy anyone’s workout routine. Everyone’s body is different, and so too will be the way they enjoy moving their body.

    But, if you do feel a little overwhelmed at working out what workout’s best for you, have a read of the sweat sessions of Kate Middleton, Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding, Beyonce,  J Lo and more. From yoga, to kickboxing, to weight training, to HIIT, there’s a workout for everyone. (And the best part of them is that they’re home workouts, so you don’t have to stray too far from the sofa, either. Result.) 

    Happy sweating. 

    18 celebrity workouts to try tonight

    1. Victoria Beckham’s Olympic weightlifting

    Fun fact: former Spice Girls member and fashion designer Victoria Beckham has pivoted from being a cardio fan to trying Olympic lifting.

    As her trainer Bobby Rich explains, “it was becoming apparent to her that the benefits from her own training routines had become minimal. Despite spending daily 90+ minute sessions in the gym she was purely maintaining her fitness levels rather than improving in other meaningful ways. She was ready for a change.” She’s now spending less time in the gym than ever but working out more efficiently: you can read all about her attitude shift, here.

    Try it at home: You’ll need between 35 and 90 minutes and, while you can weight train at home, Olympic lifting in particular will likely require a gym (if you’re London based, our guide to the best gyms in London might help).

    The workout: Olympic weightlifting is a form of strength training, but it actually takes some learning pre-starting. Our advice? Give one of Joe Wicks’s weighted workouts a go, or, if you’re really keen to learn, book a session with a PT.

    2. Adele’s strengthening pilates

    Adele’s workout routine just about broke in the internet when it was revealed that it – coupled with the buzzy Sirtfood Diet – had helped her lose a reported seven stone. And while many were quick to assume that the star went to extreme lengths for her new figure, Adele’s personal trainer has previously said that the star’s fitness success is all to do with balance, assuring us that ‘getting skinny was never the goal.’

    “This metamorphosis is not for album sales, publicity or to be a role model. She is doing it for herself and her son Angelo,” Adele’s former PT told Access Hollywood. 

    Proof that Adele is partial to a pilates sweat sesh came in the form of her instructor, Camila Goodis, who was reportedly introduced to the singer through Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field. (Casual.)

    Try it at home: All you’ll need is a hand towel, 20 minutes set aside and a smooth floor.

    The workout:  Do this a number of times through, aiming to increase your duration every day.

    1. 2 room-length hand walks (using the towel to help glide your feet)
    2. 14 quad slides (two on each leg)
    3. 10 plank slides
    4. 1 floor-length scoot (again using the towel under your bum to help you move)

    Repeat this as many times as is challenging (ensuring to keep tension in your abs throughout), increasing the number of reps daily.

    3. Ellie Goulding’s weighted circuit

    Ellie Goulding’s long been an advocate for getting in regular gym workouts – she’s spoken candidly in the past about how working out has given her both physical and mental health help, sharing: “Exercise makes me feel good about myself: it keeps me sane.”

    She’s trained with loads of different pros, but shared with Vogue during lockdown that she’d been doing personal training sessions via Zoom with celebrity personal trainer Dan Roberts.

    Try it at home: You’ll need an hour set aside and some weights that err on the heavier side for you. Not sure where to buy them? Our guide to the best home gym equipment (starting at just £9.99) might just help. 

    The workout: Do this three to four times through, pausing after each set. 

    1. 8 to 10 of weighted squats
    2. 8 to 10 bodyweight push-ups
    3. 8 to 10 weighted deadlifts
    4. 8 to 10 weighted lunges
    5. 8 to 10 inverted crunches

    End your session with a kickboxing finisher to get your heart rate up – and enjoy.

    4. J-Lo’s full body weighted intervals

    Jennifer Lopez has always kept fit, as that iconic pole scene in Hustlers highlighted.

    According to Hello! magazine, the star trains with PT David Kirsch, and often opts for high-intensity interval training. People, on the other hand, say she trains with trainer Tracy Anderson four to five times a week, training anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour – whatever she has time to do.

    “She’s highly trained in picking up choreography, and she’s incredibly coordinated, so she can pick up things very quickly,” says Tracy. “She likes to be challenged, but she’s very, very aware of her body, and in one look to me can be like, ‘no that’s not for me,’ and then I’ll move onto another move.”

    Try it at home: Again, set aside an hour and do this three to four times through, remembering to take rest breaks.

    The workout:

    1. 8 to 10 reps of bicep curl
    2. 8 to 10 lunges
    3. 8 to 10 push ups
    4. 8 to 10 kettlebell swings
    5. 8 to 10 sitting hip lifts

    Finish with a few sprints to get your heart rate up et voila.

    5. Beyonce’s HIIT and weights hybrid

    Beyonce is reportedly a fan of circuits, too, also opting for weight training. Weights are known to both challenge and tone your muscles, so is one of the best workouts for increasing your overall muscle mass.  

    She’s believed to train with nutritionist and trainer Marco Borges, or so say Insider, and is seriously, seriously fit – she has to be, for the mega performances she puts on worldwide. Get ready for some burrrrn.

    Try it at home: Much like J Lo, it’s reported that Beyonce will workout for however long she has, so do what you can. Try three to four rounds of the below. As above: rest is also key.

    The workout: According to a 2015 article from Glamour magazine, Bey’s weekly workouts look a little like the following:

    1. 8 to 10 explosive push ups
    2. 8 to 10 rounds of 30 second sprints, pushing at an eight out of ten capacity
    3. 8 to 10 kettlebell squat-and-presses
    4. 8 to 10 single leg step ups
    5. 8 to 10 ab crunches

    Make sure you take time to stretch at the end of your workout, too, because FYI workout recovery is key to fitness gains. Being a celebrity vegan, Beyonce also reportedly ends every session with a plant-based protein shake to aid muscle recovery. (Read our guide to the best protein powders, here).

    6. Margot Robbie’s pilates

    Not so keen on weights and circuits? Then you might want to try Margot Robbie‘s Pilates-inspired workout instead. It’s not a sweaty high-intensity one – more of a low impact workout – but it’ll strengthen your muscles over time, instead.

    She’s a great example of someone who leads a balanced lifestyle, once saying in an interview with The Telegraph: “I walk the line between having as much fun as possible and continuing to take care of myself. Eating well and exercise need to be prevalent in my life so that I can feel my best, but I don’t want to dwell on it too much.”

    Try it at home: Margot loves reformer pilates, which has to be done in-studio on a – yep, you guessed it – reformer. In London, try studios like Heartcore, Frame and Core Collective.

    The workout: For an at-home pilates workout, we’d recommend checking out trainer Lottie Murphy or trying a pilates workout on FIIT, one of our go-to home fitness apps.

    Celebrity workouts: Margot Robbie

    7. Jessica Alba’s quick HIIT sessions

    During lockdown, it’s reported that actress Alba started training with fitness coach Aaron Hines. Lucky for us, she’s shared her go-to workout on her YouTube channel, too.

    Try it at home: It’s only ten minutes long, so this is a great celebrity workout option for a quick sweat session in your lunchtime. You can watch the video and follow along with Jessica herself, or give it a go on your own. Start with 30 seconds on, 30 secs off, for three rounds.

    The workout: Expect lunge hops, mountain climbers and more lower body moves. It’s a sweaty one. Not sure if you can exercise after your Covid vaccine? Here, a doctor explains.

    8. Kate Middleton’s cardio go-to’s and core circuit

    Kate is said to be a huge fan of most forms of cardio – that is, running, swimming, skating, rowing, and tennis. The best part: most of these workouts can be totally free, are fairly easy to do, and require no personal trainer knowledge. She is also said to train her core with personal trainer Louise Parker, according to The Daily Mail.

    Try it at home: This one’s a case of booking a slot at your local tennis court, swimming pool or simply lacing up and heading out for a jog. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, try this one-move core circuit. Hold for 45 seconds, and complete 10 rounds.

    The workout:

    1. Forearm plank: Keep your core tight, your shoulders retracted and your glutes fired up and close to the ground to avoid risk of injury.

    Celebrity workouts: Kate Middleton on a boat rowing

    9. Vanessa Hudgen’s full body set

    While she used to love spin classes – Vanessa once told Women’s Health magazine, ‘put me on a bike in a room with loud music, and I’m happy’ – last year, she shared a strength-focused workout routine on her YouTube channel, like Alba. It’s said that she trains with NYC-based PT Issac Calpito, who did the choreography for many of Ariana Grande’s tours.

    Try it at home: Set aside 45 minutes to an hour and try two to three sets of the following. Remember, if you’re not sure on your form for any, skip the move and ask a PT to help you next time you’re at the gym. Or, a handy tip, if you don’t visit a gym: look up a tutorial for the move on YouTube. You’re so welcome.

    The workout: 

    1. 8 to 10 plank walk outs
    2. 8 to 10 resistance band squats with side step
    3. 8 to 10 resistance band squat jumps
    4. 8 to 10 high knees and kick
    5. 8 to 10 weighted deadlifts
    6. 8 to 10 back squats

    Dancing in between sets and twerking, optional.

    10. Jennifer Anniston’s yoga 

    Jen An is a big advocate for looking after your body, and she’s just joined Vital Proteins as their Chief Creative Officer (read our full guide to collagen supplements, here).

    So how does she workout? Good question. The actress is said to move regularly in loads of different ways. She’s shared before that she does morning yoga, elliptical training and boxing. She also recently told Vogue that she loves weighted circuits where she ‘throws heavy boulders around and pushes medicine balls and wiggling and shaking that big rope thing.’ Battle ropes target both your upper body and abdominal muscles, but yoga is good for both body and mind.

    Try it at home: Yoga is one of the simplest home workouts out there, and while it might not boost muscle building in the same way strength training does, if you regularly practice a more dynamic flow, like vinyasa yoga, you’re sure to build core strength in no time. Trust us on this one—even ten to twenty minutes a day will reap rewards.

    The workout: As with the pilates one, there are so many different yoga flows it’s semi impossible to pinpoint one particular one. We love the YouTube Yoga with Adriene flows – there are hundreds to choose from – or the live streamed classes from studios like Triyoga.

    11. Cindy Crawford’s full body circuits

    Model Cindy Crawford is thought to get a sweat on with her trainer Sarah Perla three mornings a week. She also dabbles in boxing occasionally, too.

    Chatting to Shape magazine about her sweat sessions, she shared: “We do circuit training for the whole body using weights, some machines, and my own body weight with lunges and squats,” she said.

    “We usually do about 10 minutes of weights and then a five-minute cardio segment. Right now we are into running stairs, but we switch it up. We repeat the 10-minute weight and five-minute cardio at least three times and then we finish up with abs and stretching.”

    Try it at home: Sound like a bit of you? It’s as Cindy said: try ten minutes of weights, then five minutes of cardio, three times round, with some ab work and stretches at the end. Simple.

    The workout: 

    1. 8 to 10 weighted squats
    2. 8 to 10 weighted lunges
    3. 8 to 10 weighted rows
    4. 5 minutes of cardio of your choice – sprints, cycling, skipping or other
    5. 1 minute plank.

    12. Lizzo’s strength circuit 

    Lucky for us, Lizzo loves to share her workouts on Instagram, and she’s long been vocal about how good working out makes her feel both physically and mentally. She does a bit of everything – strength training, battle ropes, skipping and more.

    Try it at home: Thought to train with Marcus Ely, the star’s workout is guaranteed to get you sweating. Aim for four to five rounds.

    The workout:

    1. A minute all out on the battle ropes
    2. A minute of the Superman core move
    3. 8 to 10 weighted squats
    4. A minute of skipping at a fast pace.

    13. Rebel Wilson’s HIIT sessions

    Just like the Joe Wicks YouTube workouts, Rebel’s favourite high-intensity interval workouts are great for fat loss and getting your heart rate up.

    After what she’s coined her ‘year of health’, the actress is glowing, and we’re really, really here for it.

    Try it at home: According to an interview with trainer Jono Castano in Women’s Health magazine, Rebel’s workouts look a bit like the following.

    The workout: 

    1. 10 calorie assault Bike
    2. 20 TRX Squats
    3. 12 per side standing bandit trunk rotation
    4. 10 per side deadbugs with a medball
    5. 30 seconds battle rope slams.


    14. Blake Lively’s elliptical training

    Like the sound of total-body toning workouts in the form of elliptical training? So does actress Blake Lively, who is said to train several times a week on the machine. Her trainer, Don Saladino, is NYC based and

    Try it at home: According to an interview with the trainer in Harper’s Bazaar, Blake can’t always fit in a full session as a busy working Mum. On days where she just doesn’t have time for a weights set, she’ll jump on the elliptical for ten minutes, it’s said. Try the following for three to four rounds – and enjoy.

    The workout:

    1. 8 to 10 reverse lunges
    2. 8 to 10 one-legged dead lifts
    3. 8 to 10 pushups
    4. 8 to 10 rows
    5. 8 to 10 kettlebell swings

    15. Ariana Grande’s arm circuits

    According to Shape magazine and Ariana’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, the singer is a big fan of upper-body workouts.

    Try it at home: Think T-raises, tricep extensions, cable reverse flys and more. Try the following – but note, this one gets spicy, fast. Aim for three rounds.

    The workout: 

    1. 25 glute bridge skull crushers
    2. 25 standing rope tricep extensions
    3. 25 dumbbell t-raises
    4. 25 standing cable reverse flys.

    16. Jenna Dewan’s dance sessions

    Yes, dancing is a legit workout, and yes, it can be really, really fun if you let go a little (and that’s your sort of thing). Jenna Dewan is said to be a fan – predictably so, as a professional dancer by career,

    Try it at home: As with yoga and pilates, a dance workout is best done in a class for maximum fun.

    The workout: You could whack on a bit of Katy Perry and try your lot, but to really push yourself, we recommend trying a The Fitness Marshall or Zumba Class dance lessons. All free, and all really fun.

    17. Rihanna’s cardio sweat sesh

    According to a Women’s Health interview, pop star Rihanna’s go-to workout? Well, it’s a five 5km run followed by some pilates. Double whammy.

    Try it at home: The best place to start as a runner beginner is Couch to 5km. It had more than 858,000 downloads from March to June last year when lockdown first struck, and for good reason – it’s one of the best apps at gently easing you r cardio fitness levels up. Or, if you’re a keen runner, why not try and beat your 5km time this time around?

    The workout: This one’s super simple – lace up and head out. Bob’s your uncle.

    18. Khloe Kardashian’s full body blitz

    The Kardashian’s are all fairly vocal about their love of working out, with all five sisters training regularly. Khloe is said to work with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson every week, and sweats through 45-minute strength and conditioning workouts.

    Try it at home: According to Women’s Health, Khloe’s workout is a full body strength workout best enjoyed in a gym, so you can add some weight. If you want to do as Khloe does, aim to repeat four times. Ready? Set? Sweat.

    The workout:

    1. 20 overhead crunch rotation
    2. 20 banded 4×4 walks
    3. 20 renegade row mountain climbers
    4. 20 dumbbell presses
    5. 20 reverse lunge press

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