Don’t Worry Darling’s Costume Designer on the Film’s Fashion

Unless you live under a rock or haven’t been online in the past month, the highly anticipated film Don’t Worry Darling has been on your radar one way or another.

The psychological thriller set in the ’50s, which first premiered at Venice Film Festival, follows a couple living in a utopian town called Victory. Upon first glance, the pristine suburban setting is perfect—or seemingly so. When a few of its inhabitants start to question their idyllic life and the Victory Project, no one seems to be able to explain. The fabulous and brilliant Florence Pugh steals the show in more ways than one as Alice Chambers, the inquisitive suburban housewife to Jack Chambers, who is played by Harry Styles.

The film features a star-studded cast and boasts an intensely thrilling story line, but above all else, it is visually stunning. I left the film wanting to re-create every look, and I was mesmerized by the tailored suits, the attention to detail, the retro prints, the colorful sets, and the quintessential imprint that the ’50s and ’60s have left on fashion forever.

In order to convey such a controlled-yet-alluring society of perfection, you have to bring in the best of the best, which is why director and actress Olivia Wilde—who stars as Bunny in the film—called in three-time Oscar-nominated costume designer Arianne Phillips. Prior to Don’t Worry Darling, Phillips worked her magic on iconic films such as Walk the Line, Girl, Interrupted (my personal favorite), and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 

I had the privilege of chatting with Phillips about her creative process on DWD, from drawing visual references of the ’50s to creating the look for each character. Only she can make a patriarchy-driven yet disturbingly perfect society look as ravishing as it did through her impeccable designs. Not to be dramatic, but the looks were pretty iconic, and I’m almost certain that these costumes will be talked about for decades to come. Oh, and don’t worry, darlings. There are no spoilers ahead. 

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