Meet the trailblazing women who are driving change on their own terms

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  • At some point in recent history, you’ve probably been told to ’embrace change’ and welcome it into your life, but be it a personal change, or ploughing forward with a professional goal – the idea of stepping into the unknown can often lead to stasis. Every possible outcome starts playing out in your mind, and because the human brain is a funny old thing, it’s the negative thoughts that get the air time…

    “Am I good enough to do this?”

    “What if it doesn’t work out?”

    “Who do I think I am?!”

    How about, we let the positive thoughts get their time in the sun for a change, because we’re pretty sure Jeffrey Bezos didn’t sit in front on the mirror and ask his reflection if he was “good enough” before experiencing four minutes of weightlessness in suborbital space. Whilst a multi-billion pound joyride to space is out of the question for most of us, we do admire that spirit of adventure. The desire to try something new, embrace the now and become your own agent of change.

    And it’s with that spirit in mind that, as part of our Driven series with Ford, we sat down with some of our favourite women to properly understand what it took to get where they are today; from navigating stumbling blocks and taking the path less travelled, to not being afraid to use their voice to affect positive change – their energy and ambition is not just inspiring, it’s infectious

    Visit the Driven Hub to find out more tips on how to create more, do more and change more…

    Case in point: Our interview with broadcasting powerhouse Vick Hope. The queen of positivity’s energy is only matched by her drive to make lasting change and amplify voices that have traditionally been excluded from the mainstream narrative, all whilst balancing her career as a broadcast journalist and presenter. Her tip? Keeping a sense of perspective… and a banging playlist, obviously.

    Lennie Ware chats to Marie Claire’s Holly Rains over coffee

    We also sat down with social worker, author and podcasting legend Lennie Ware for a candid chat about what can be achieved when you actively embrace opportunities that come out of nowhere. Whilst the Table Manners’ matriarch can now count 3.5 million of us as fans, it was a happy accident that she became so heavily involved in the podcast. Initially enlisted by her daughter, Jessie, to cook for the guests, her natural rapport with the likes of Kylie Minogue and Ed Sheeran became a key ingredient to creating the hit show, proving that whatever stage of life you’re at, if you’re receptive and not afraid to take a chance, change can be a very good thing indeed.

    Watch the full Driven series here

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