Photos of the Queen’s corgi interrupting a royal engagement are going viral 

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  • Candy is a corgi-dachshund cross and one of the Queen’s three dogs, along with Fergus and Muick

    As any pet owner knows, our furry friends are very good at finding ways to get attention. It turns out, even the Queen’s dogs are capable of stealing the limelight. 

    As Her Majesty carried out a memorabilia viewing at Windsor Castle, she was interrupted by her dog Candy. “And where did you come from?” asked the Queen, giving Candy a stroke as she wandered up to her royal master. Her Majesty added: “I know what you want,” as Candy waddled away again.

    Fans have loved seeing the Queen interacting with her pet. “Amazing how pups bring out the humanity in us,” said one person on Twitter, while another joked: “Candy: ‘You might be The Queen, but to me you just mummy’.” 

    The Queen is famous for her love of corgis, but Candy is actually a dorgi — a corgi and dachshund cross. During her reign, Her Majesty has owned more than 30 corgis and dorgis, including her current pets. Candy, Fergus and Muick. 

    The memorabilia viewing took place before the Queen left for Sandringham, where she would mark her 70 years on the throne and her Platinum Jubilee

    It was at Sandringham where her father, King George VI, passed away in his sleep on 6 February 1952. A poignant anniversary for any daughter, the Queen has traditionally chosen to spend it privately.

    In a sweet tribute to her late father, the Queen wore a pair of brooches given to her by her father on her 18th birthday. The Boucheron brooches are aquamarine and diamond, which the Queen set off beautifully with the turquoise dress she wore at the viewing. 

    During the event, Her Majesty looked back on thousands of cards and art works that have been sent to her by fans over the years. She clearly enjoyed viewing the memorabilia, laughing at one card made from bottle tops reading, “Ma’am You’re The Tops” created for her Golden Jubilee in 2002. 

    “That’s good, simple but ingenious,” said the Queen to Dr Stella Panayotova, librarian and assistant keeper of the royal archives.

    Another letter that made her chuckle was from a nine-year-old boy called Chris, titled “A Recipe For A Perfect Queen”. The list of ingredients included “500ml of royal blood”, a “dab of jewels and posh gowns” and “a dash of loyalty.” The Queen said: “That’s quite fun, isn’t it?” 

    After what must have been an extremely difficult year following the death of her beloved husband, hopefully the Queen will enjoy the rest of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations as much as she did the viewing. We hope Candy makes more appearances at those too. 

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