Teeth Grinding Is Destroying My Relationship

Secondly, and probably worse, is the sound aversion I have developed through a decade of bearing witness to the nightly grind. Your teeth are not supposed to be the pestle and mortar of the skull, and it is natural – sensible even – for the brain to have an adverse reaction to such a sound (or so I tell myself). Besides teeth grinding, I suffer from misophonia, an intense form of sound fear and fixation. I’ve had it since I was a child, with ‘mouth noises’ being one of my most overwhelming triggers. The best way I can describe it: when you hear a trigger sound (which can be anything from neighbour noises to breathing), you experience a wave of intense terror that begins in your stomach and ends in your ears, washing over you like a sonic boom to the point that you want to rip out your hair. Try getting back to sleep after that.

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