There Are Tons of Cherry Perfumes, But These 11 Are The Best

Before I began my hunt for the absolute best cherry perfumes on the fragrance market, I took a hard look at my own collection and thought, This is going to be tough. Cherry scents in the beauty arena are notoriously polarizing—especially when it comes to perfume—and I didn’t immediately associate the note as something I’d want to smell like. But, after some digging, I quickly realized a lot of popular perfumes have notes from my favorite summer fruit. (Although some are definitely more “cherry-ish” than others.) All of a sudden, there was a handful of cherry perfumes I immediately wanted—and needed—to smell.

Sweet notes of cherry can unlock precious memories; I can taste the crust of a cherry pie just thinking about it. But, even if you’re not a fruity fragrance person, don’t worry. I also found less obvious options that are grounded with musk, vanilla, almond… even black leather. Below, you’ll find beloved reviewer favorites, recently launched soon-to-be must-haves, and a few cherry perfumes that weren’t initially on my list of eventual beauty investments, but certainly are now. From floral to edgy, keep scrolling to discover our top 11 cherry perfume picks.

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