These 5 Autumn/Winter 2022 Makeup Trends Will Be Everywhere

As we head toward knitwear-and-boots season—my absolute favourite time of the year—we’ve really spotted a shift in makeup. Naturally, we usually transition our makeup with the changing seasons, but this time, it’s not as literal as choosing an autumn lipstick colour to pair with a roll-neck or packing away our bright eyeliners from the summer. Instead, the autumn/winter 2022 makeup trends lend themselves to more of a mood.

After a long period of “clean-girl” makeup (i.e., no-makeup makeup), we’re now seeing a return to experimenting with lipstick, blusher and eye makeup again. Because makeup is about having fun, right? Bold beauty is back, and we’re welcoming it with open arms. “I think after two years of masks, we are all feeling a bit over the no-makeup look and are ready for fun again and excited to look our best,” says Omayma Ramzy, the celebrity makeup artist behind Omayma Skin. “A dark lip liner and gloss is really a strong look for autumn and winter.”

We asked top makeup artists to share their predictions on the top autumn/winter 2022 makeup trends and how you can achieve the mood for the new season.

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