These 8 Fall TikTok Trends Are Going Viral

Now that we’ve already dived into the fall trends that made their way down the runways earlier this year, it’s time to take note of which have made it to the masses. While Instagram curates a feed based on who you follow, TikTok’s algorithm will lead you to fashion people you wish you had been following sooner. While I’ve been careful to not surpass my screen time limit, I have been scrolling just enough to see the fall pieces that have been capturing everyone’s attention. 

The first day of fall has arrived, so I’ve rounded up the top eight trends I can’t stop seeing on my TikTok feed. Of course, I’m also providing a little shopping assistance by finding stellar market options for each trend. Below, take a look at the best spring styles on TikTok—from edgy pieces that’ll make you feel teenage nostalgia to oversized bags that’ll fit everything you need.

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